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This project is a calendar alarm that would allow the user to set a date and time to remind them of when a task or notify them about a said event. This was completed in 2018. The algorithms in this project were fairly simple. Implemented UI, working clock, and buttons that showed proper dates of the month selectable within the computer's internal clock. This is a team project worked on with Hakim Ottey and Link:



In this project, I accomplish Objective 4, Objective 5, and Objective 6 by making a program that works on an emulator tha works on Windows, Linux, and Android. Which then the program searching for the list of assigned dates set by the user a list of times for alarms to go off. The way we constructed this was using array tables using UX Flow Diagram


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The project's objectives are to find solution in itself using and understanding algorithms set in place for it to complete and test through. As well as be used in not only the python engine inside the device but as well as an HTML server to store data and retrieve information.



With this project, I accomplish Objective 1 and 3
Following the development process to analyze a problem to test and build solutions to a task and Implementing data-driven solutions.

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The algorithmic formulas in this program execute inputs sent from the built-in function to retrieve a response in a second function. The programs more complex structured, made them much more extraordinary to test on other titles of platformers beyond it's intentional design



In MarIO-EX I accomplish objective 2 for designing this project to be in Java and Lua script format.